Ozg Online Jobs – Earn more than you need

Answer – Yes / No
  1. => I am a frequent internet user?

  2. => I have a few years of job experiences?

  3. => I really enjoy the internet surfing and googling?

  4. => I use the facebook / twitter to socialize with like minded people?

  5. => I own a laptop with high-speed internet?

  6. => I live in a capital city / adjoining areas in …… State of India?

  7. => I want to earn more than a regular salaried job can offer me?

  8. => I want a flexible working hours as per my choice?

  9. => I have good command over English (Read+Write+Speak)?

  10. => I do not have a bad habit of using slangs?

  11. => I believe in a systematic way of work to achieve a goal?

  12. => I am in the age group of 28-60?

If you said YES to most of above questions then, please submit your resume with pic to: placement.consultant@ozg.co.in

Note: If you are selected then you will be shortly invited for online training.