Ozg Hospitality management Consultant

Job Title: Hospitality management Consultant
Job type: Full time
Position type: Permanent / Freelance
Experience: 1 – 5 years

Minimum education: Bachelor’s degree required
Key tasks:
1. Implement hospitality management software and process solutions for quick service and table service operators. The solutions include point of sale, inventory, labor management, forecasting, and enterprise reporting
2. Gather and document client requirements.
3. Develop and configure the solution to meeting the client’s needs.
4. Test solution in preparation for deployment.

How to apply?
1) STEP - Email your resume and pic to: placement.consultant@ozg.co.in

2) STEP - Book your interview by yourself at Ozg Interview Link –

www.ozgconsulting.com/interview  by using password provided to you over phone after submission of resume and pic.

Location -   Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai
Employer - Ozg Consulting (P) Ltd
Email -   placement.consultant@ozg.co.in
Location: Ozg Center, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai