Ozg Micro Finance Consultant

Job Title: Micro Finance Consultant
Job type: Full time
Position type: Permanent / Freelance
Experience: 1 – 5 years

Minimum education:

1)      Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in financial sector and at least 5 years in rural MFIs
2)      Experience in developing and implementing microfinance product and procedures, financial and risk management tools, staff recruitment and training
3)      Demonstrated ability in long-term strategic planning and business plan development
4)      Extensive experience in setting up corporate governance structures for MFIs.
5)      Experience in developing and installing credit operation, risk management policies and practice in rural financial institutions

Key tasks :

1)      Provide recommendations and guidance in strengthening the corporate governance.
2)      Provide support to the senior management in defining and implementing strategic plans.
3)      Develop relevant governance policies and procedures, marketing and business plans.
4)      Review and improve financial, controlling and risk management tools, and reporting procedures.
5)      Provide support in the development and streamlining of effective rural lending procedures.

How to apply?

(1) STEP - Email your resume and pic to: placement.consultant@ozg.co.in

(2) STEP - Book your interview by yourself at Ozg Interview Link –
 www.ozgconsulting.com/interview by using password provided to you over phone after submission of resume and pic.

Employer - Ozg Consulting (P) LtdEmail -   placement.consultant@ozg.co.inLocation: Ozg Center, Nationwide except in Northeast of India